There has been much uncertainty about the new abandonment rules in the BE Handbook. At Weston Park we take the views of our customers/competitors seriously and as such we have secured, through Shearwater Insurance, sufficient cover to provide a high degree of security for your entry fees should we have to abandon the event due to conditions beyond our reasonable control.

Whilst abandonment has been a rare occurence at Weston Park we believe that paying for insurance is the fairest way to secure a high percentage of your entry fees. As per the current BE rules competitors would receive no refund if we abandon after 5pm the day before the event. This is the point at which we have committed most of the entry and start fees in the preparation of the event.

However, with the recently arranged abandonment insurance through Shearwater we can now refund 85% of your entry fee plus 100% of your start fee in the unlikely event we have to abandon.

We are very grateful to Shearwater Insurance for their input and guidance to this process and the way they have come forward with a competitive policy when approached by the Weston Park organisers.

 Competitors can now enter Weston Park, Stafford, Chillington Hall and Weston Park (2) secure in the knowledge that we have you covered if the worst happens.

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