80T-challengeThe Blue Chip Central North West BE80(T) Challenge has been designed to enhance the education of the Airowear BE80(T) competitor, attracting new competitors to British Eventing and offering the grassroots of our sport within the region an exciting end to their season.

Blue Chip, who have supported Weston Park since it welcomed the grassroots riders in 2013 are now very generously offering a year's sponsorship to the winner of this Central North West BE80T Challenge. This great prize will include a feed balancer and supplement for one horse for one year, and Blue Chip clothing for the rider and their groom/helper and the winning horse, with the winner starring in Blue Chip promotions.

How to Qualify

The challenge will run qualifiers within The Central North West, the 8 qualifying events listed below will qualify 4 combinations in each of their 80T sections. If a combination have already qualified then qualifications will pass down the line to 8th place. Blue Chip will provide prizes and medal rosettes for all qualifiers and are offering fabulous prizes down the line at the Blue Chip 80T Challenge Final.

Both horse and rider must be eligible to compete in BE80(T) classes on the date of the Challenge Final. The combination must not have qualified for the 2017 BE90 or BE100 Mitsubishi Motors Cup.

Combinations marked with an asterisk (*): only one of the riders may enter the qualified horse into the final.


Qualifier Competitions 2017

Stafford (1) 17-19th March - qualified horses below

Aquila Heights - Jill Bishop
Ardfield Master - Colette Tamblyn
Blossoms Magna Carta - Louise Barrett
Castlegrange Matinee - Ella Grace Dowber
Clonguish Midnight Star - Stella Bunn
Delinsky - Gemma Rees
Gonzo - Rachel Andrews
Grand Illusion - Carly Woolley
Landmark Shady Lady - Andrea Parrish
Lochan Beag Jack - Naomi Adey-jones
Majestic Silver - Sally Poppe *
Moortown Miracle - Carla Hemsley
Phoenix Rising III - Vicki Waring
Springwind Catwalk - Tayla Brooks
Tansycroft Toastmaster - Diana Jones
Tinkers Boy - Hannah Parr

Kelsall Hill (1) 21st-23rd April - qualified horses below

Arleys Toyboy - Georgia Cathcart
Bazaars New Moon - Robert Gilsenan
Dartagnan - Matilda Wadeson
Derryquirk Dancer - Lily Evans
Dollar Oats - Jane Valentine
Forever Van Het Sonnishof - Vicky Arnold
Gran Dis Norman - Suzanne Birchall
Ladykiller - Hollie Booth
Lhees Son - Carla Brocklehurst
Little Mill II - Robyn Gray
Majestic Silver - Samantha Pennington *
Marzipan - Rebecca Bird
Master Wickham - Claire Lewis
Mill House Carpe Diem - Kirstie Wright
Rhoswen Roy - Sarah Williams
Spice V - Charlie Barrett
Wsh Orlando - Connie Russell

Llanymynech (1) 13-14th May - qualified horses below

Apache XX - Christina Butler
Dizzy Rascal II - Lucy Corlett
Doe Bertie - Beatrice Hammond
Doyles Lady - Deonne Edwards
Dun Deal III - Jennie Williams
Embla Topnotch - Helen P Gale
Hugo Hunting - Wendy Mcgarry
Irish Konnection - Rachael Foster
Kellythorpes Adonis G - Camilla Hardie
Lackagh Pride - Lisa Cadman
Landsbrook Law - John Waring
Paddy XX - India Wilkinson
Regal Prince V - Dean Price
Spencer V - Phili Pickard
Starfield Ziggy - Holly Preece
Toms Flyer - Alexandra Jefferies

Somerford Park (1) 20th-21st May - qualified horses below

Ardfield Surprise - Orla Stott
Bahamian Boy - Becky Bosworth
Ballinvella Joe - Janice Edwards
Ballylennon Lad - Lesley Clarkson-White
Cleraune Penny Splash - Madeline Hubel
Dante XI - Rebekah Adshead
Kellough Pride - Keeva Stott
My Best Bet - Aimee Hulme
Ontarion Gold - Esme Kaiser
Rathfee Freebie - Felicity White
Rio - Dawn Crichton
Supermac - Robert Wild

Berriewood 10-11th June - qualified horses below

Conemara Boy - Allison Murray
Coshia Boy - Maggie Wilson
Cronins Quotation - May Blackman-Howard
French Connection VI - Robyn Dutton
Landis Bailey - Ceri Willliams
Lauristons Valco - Thea Roberts
Leighland Portia - Elizabeth Tucker
Make A Wish III - Lois Roberts
Martinstown Lady - Danielle Marratt
MocklersHill Cool Lady - Sarah Williams
Shannondale Rua - Hayley mayer
Vincents Casanova - Sophie Wilson

Stafford (2) 14-16th July - qualified horses below

Cane 11448 - Emily Cousans
Charlie XXXVII - Sarah L'Homme
Coltstown Dun Gold - Hannah Jones
Ervelough Tomas - Nicola Toomer
Finlows Balotelli - Kelly Short
Finnis Sindy - Zoe Nugent
Fly Aphrodite - Kelly Macpherson
Freddy In Clover - Philippa Inskip
Jeeves II - Abi Conner
Midsomer Clover - Jeni Ball
Mill House Adimo Pectore - Kirstie Wright
My Romeo II - Sophie Cawley
Nutcherscopse Jonathan - Theresa bebbington
Penny Royale II - Amy Eley
Putjades Only Fool - Jessica Gough
Toffee Crumble - Caitlin Dean

Llanymynech (2) 26-27th August - qualified horses below

Abril Beech - Lucie Turner
Black By The Jack - Tamara Fifield
Buff Beauty - Louise Esson
Coco Reef - Robyn Gray
Doranstown Little Larry - Annabelle Preece
Mr Max II - Sophie Cocking
Perl - Abbi England
Prime Time Lad - Lucy Hughes
Redinagh Clover - Georgina Hodson
Simply Holly Hobbitt - Libby Edwards
Williams Hier - Tamara Fifield
Wills Pride - Harriet Eaton


Kelsall Hill (2) 22nd–24th September - qualified horses below

Arleys Goldmine - Abigail Clare
Blakeney Palomino - Rio Hall
Gwallwy Gwawr - Lindsay Raistrick
Haughton Afrikan - Verena Lauer
Heather Slade Lad - Kirsty Louise Mcnulty
Heathersedge Glitterbug - Nicola Johnson
Just Soda No Ice - Virginia M Turnbull
Lexingtons Locomotive - Rebecca Thomas
Littlestanney Mismatch - Ashleigh Dean
Mojo VII - Emma Rarity
My Noble Valentine - Ricki Riley
Ruubee Mae - Annie Abell
Shamrock Quest - Jodie Watts
Silvio Berlusconi - Lucy Robinson
The Lone Ranger - Sharlotte Amos
The Squire Danagher - Emily Watts


The Blue Chip BE80T Challenge Grand Final will take place at Weston Park on the 7th October 2017.

Good Luck, and we look forward to welcoming you to Weston Park!




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