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It is with a heavy heart that we have concluded that Weston Park Horse Trials will no longer continue. The contribution that our Sponsors, Competitors, Volunteers, Officials and Trade stands have made over the years has set this event as one of the best. For us you have been part of the Weston family, we should all be proud of what we achieved none of which would have been possible without your support and we are devastated to be sharing this news.  

Weston Park Horse Trials came into the Horse Trials Calendar in 1978 then run by the Staffordshire BHS Committee. Judith Ratcliff and myself as Chairman of Staffordshire BHS were invited to ride the Park with the then Agent Mr. Weston, it was easy to see the possibilities were endless. My son James was born later that year, so I stepped down until I was summoned by Col. Peter Hodson then Head of Horse Trials to a meeting at the end of 1983.I was asked to talk to Lord Bradford to take up the running of the Spring and Autumn Horse Trials and move the Pony Club Championships from Stoneleigh onto the beautiful Weston Park Estate to be ready for the following year 1984. Col. Hodgson was not a man to say no to, the rest is history. Forty years as Organiser, James grew up in the Park and has worked his way up to be a well-respected Gold Level Course Builder. Along with his wife Vicky we have a beautiful Granddaughter Bea. We have always thought our Team was a dynasty always able to continue at Weston Park.

This year for the first time Abandonment Insurance for adverse weather is either not available from Insurance Brokers we have been quoted a 24% premium to cover the sum being insured for Spring and Autumn Events.

The financial risks of running a green field site event with the added burden of being sandwiched between two FEI events with no chance of a change of date puts us under financial pressure. The lack of Abandonment Insurance at an affordable cost in April weighs heavy, we do have the new BE Abandonment Policy to cover riders entry fees for a 60% entry refund that we have to pay into. Unfortunately for some years Events have been unable to run on entry fees alone. Financial stress to repay Sponsorship, Trade stands, Start Fees, Gate Admission and all our service contracts for a spring event is no longer feasible as they must be covered by insurance, Marquees, Loos, Public Address, Porta Cabins etc..  Our Facility Fee (rent) Paid to Weston Park has risen significantly, as have our other costs, all must be paid if we ran or had to cancel. 

Brighter News - Chillington Park -1st & 2nd June and 14th & 15th September are on track to run. We all look forward to seeing you at Chillington.

A Huge Thank You from all of the team

Best wishes  

Janet and Vicky.

Competitor Quote 1

This our third year at Weston 2 and it didn’t disappoint

...A lot of events don’t get it quite right but Weston is tops. Thank you and your team and volunteers for all you do

Jo & May Blackman-Howard

Competitor Quote 2

Congratulations to Janet Plant and team

...on a great event. One of the best venues anywhere and can only get better. Deserves supporting!!

Mark Todd

Competitor Quote 3

Weston Park is my favourite event

...always so well organised with a great atmosphere. I have had an amazing day

Sapphire Graham

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